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Gardener/landscaper recommendations

5 Jul '16

Hello. Having moved into the area a few months ago, we have have inherited a beautiful mature, though now overgrown garden. We need some help with garden survey and professional advice on how to maintain it.

Any recommendations for a local company?

6 Jul '16

Hi, Pete Bully is a great local gardener and landscaper. I’ll PM you her number

27 Jul '16

Hi there,

Alfredo is an awesome local landscaper…

Good luck,

11 Aug '16

Hi Damian, thanks a lot for your recommendation :slight_smile:


2 Sep '16

Found Alfredo from this recommendation. So pleased - thanks Alfredo &

10 Mar '17

I can heartily recommend Alfredo @AlfgaiaLandscapes. I now have a tidy garden and several feet less ivy to worry about!

11 Mar '17

Many thanks Rachael :wink:

Have a nice weekend

31 Mar '17

Alfredo and Terry did a great job transforming my very shabby looking garden and patio. I would definitely recommend them and have already told them I will be using them again

9 Jun '17

Generally I lurk, rather than post, but we followed the recommendations on this thread for Alfredo from Alfgaia and they were brilliant. He and Terry have cleared the wilderness from the back of our garden, which was a massive job! (On reflection, we probably shouldn’t have just left it when we moved in 18 months ago…) They also pressure washed our drive and patio and it honestly looks like it’s a brand new one. Would definitely recommend them, and will be getting them back in to do some more work in the future.

Now we just need to work out what we’re doing with the former wilderness so it doesn’t revert to that state!

14 Jun '17

I recently used The London Landscaping company to fully design, landscape and plant our front and rear garden and they have done/are doing (work is still ongoing) a brilliant job! They have a website and Billy is the main chap there.

28 Jul '17

Hi Alfredo - following the recommendations on here for you, I’ve just dropped you an email about some garden maintenance for a property on Mayow Road. Look forward to hearing from you soon. Thanks!

28 Jul '17

Sam Crosfield is my neighbour. He trained in horticulture at Kew and is generally much more qualified than many garden designers I’ve met. He’s very professional, and a very nice chap to boot.

28 Jul '17

Hi Iris,

Many thanks for your email,
I would be pleased to pop in and take a look,
could you please send me your address and postcode and your availability for a meeting?
Thank you
Best Regards

28 Jul '17

Thanks Alfredo, just emailed you some more info - I’m around Sat or Sun late morning

24 Apr '18

I use Simon at Garden Greens. Another local guy. In fact just waiting for him to come and do our spring maintenance.

24 Jan '19

i’m looking for a gardnener to do some general tidying up work and weeding next week. please pm me

11 Feb '19

Met Alfredo this morning. Whilst what we are after is probably more heavy duty (digging etc) that the work he carries out, I would definitely consider him once we have the hard graft done and need some
Landscaping/ general garden maintenance.

25 Feb '19

Reading through the posts and am looking for a recommendation for someone to lay a stone patio in our garden. I had Alfredo round before (about replacing a fence) and he seemed a really nice guy but I got the sense he doesn’t really take on hard landscaping or bigger projects. If anyone has had a patio laid would love to get a recommendation. Many thanks!

25 Feb '19

Having one laid out right now, will be finished in a few days. He’s our guy that’s done lots of jobs around the house, including flooring and painting. Happy to share photos when done and contact

25 Feb '19

Thanks Nadia that would be great. Hope it goes well!

25 Feb '19

We’re in the same boat so would love his details too please Nadia. Many thanks.

25 Feb '19

Will do

11 Mar '19

Finally finished and managed to get a few photos in the almost light…

11 Mar '19

I mentioned this to Will also:
Very happy with the quality of the work and the finished result. The price was also very good, it was almost half of the other quote we got.
The key compromise is the speed. He’s not the fastest worker, which I already knew. Bad weather doesn’t help of course, but quoted length of time I would not take for granted at all.
His name is Diego and he’s on 07453 777044

12 Mar '19

Thanks Nadia, looks good. And thanks for the info… I’ll give Diego a call this week (and let him know you recommended him).

13 Mar '19

Great, good luck!

14 Apr '19

Currently looking for someone to laying some paving, artificial lawn and a shed base if anyone has any recommendations?

20 May '19

Interested in this as well. Did you find someone in the end?

20 May '19

I think I may have found a guy but will confirm soon

21 May '19

In case you haven’t, we used these guys for installation of a new deck. Their work was excellent… even our gardener was impressed. They specialise in hard landscaping.

23 May '19

We’ve actually just used someone who our friend recommended. Jarek is based in Colliers Wood but covers our area. He did 80-90 ft of fencing (removing old brick wall), paved outside our bi-folds plus built a new wall with step and levelled our garden. Pic attached (before he grouted the tiles so they now look even better). Hope this helps.

I was so happy with the work he did. He was very honest and trustworthy and I felt happy having him around. His prices were also very competitive.

8 Jun '19

Groundteam have just about finished in my garden and they have been absolutely fantastic. They did a shed base, paving and some artificial turf and it looks amazing and was done for a very competitive price. They were also one of the very few gardeners/landscapers that responded to my enquiry as well.

29 Sep '19

Hi FaeryCatmother,

Are you able to post your neighbour the gardener contact details unable to contact via website.

Many thanks!

2 Oct '19

This is a friend of mine and she does great work - I have her booked in to design my garden but she has lots of contacts for landscapers

2 Oct '19

Hi Foresthhillnick,

Thank you for your recommendation, very much appreciated.

Many thanks!

30 Dec '19

I am just looking for someone to come and tidy the front garden of the block of flats I live in (fed up of being the only resident to do it themselves!)

Not a big job, just needs…
In between slabs pre-wedding
General sweep & tidy
Cleaning of wheelie and food waste bins

Not a gardener per se, any recommendations guys?

7 Jan '20

Hi - Looking to replace our very old garden fence. Anyone know someone local that would do a good job. We can purchase the fence but need someone experienced to erect professionally.

Much appreciated.

8 Jan '20

I previously recommended our fencer Mehmet on a different thread on the forum; he was excellent, and there’s a picture on this link. He was very happy to buy the materials and we reimbursed him at cost:

19 Jan '20

Thanks … Your fence looks lovely.

Wasn’t able to get hold of Mehmet - Will try again. You dont have an email for him by any chance??

20 Jan '20

Thank you - I have PM’d his email address.

23 Jan '20

Hello everyone!!
#timeforplanning :sunglasses::seedling::+1:

16 Jun '20

Evening all SE23-ers,

Jarek - (based in Colliers Wood and referred to above) has just finished digging up a large concrete area and laying turf in our back garden and he did a fantastic job. Jarek has a great attention to detail and did a much neater job than we had anticipated. Jarek completed this in effectively 2 days (split across three) and did more than we initially asked of him. This was a great and swift service especially as the other quotes we had were similar although predicted to take up to two weeks.

We would really recommend him!

16 Jun '20

Ah glad you liked him. He’s done some more work for us recently and again so pleased. He is so trustworthy too. Left him with our house keys on several occasions.

23 Jun '20

Jarek did some work for us in April to reinforce 16 rotting fence posts with concrete spurs, mend the gate, and paint 24 panels. Completely agree with the above - his prices were competitive, he was extremely courteous, and he did a great job. Highly recommend him.

7 Sep '20

Hi all,
This is my first post on the forum as I’ve recently moved into the area. Thanks in advance for any advice!

Does anyone know of garden landscapers/ companies that specialise in wildlife gardens? I’ve inherited a beautiful long mature garden but looking for advice on attracting more wildlife (although we did get a woodpecker visit the other day which was exciting!)


25 Feb '21

does anyone have recommendations for a landscape company locally?
Thanks very much in advance!

25 Feb '21

Gardenia Gardens based in Honor Oak did an amazing job for us

2 Mar '21

Simon Rickett from Garden Greens is your man then!

7 Mar '21

Repeating the praise for Jarek, he built our slatted fences, levelled and cleared our garden and built a large deck with sleeper planters for us in October. Discussed everything as he went and the price was the same as when it started. We’ve dealt with a lot of tradesmen in the last few years and Jarek is one of the good ones.

21 Apr '21

Hi Jon
I thought the fence looks ace too. Could I trouble you for Mehmet’s email address too please?

21 Apr '21

Sure - DM’d

21 May '21

Was recommended to this site by Shannon’s.
I needed my grass turfing, I made a decision after reading many positives regarding various garden maintenance.

I called Jarek who was prompt, professional and a solid focused worker, we will use him again. Super job!

Highly recommend him!!

11 Jan '22

Another mention for Jarek. We contacted him following the recommendations on here. He’s just finished the front of our terrace including rebuilding our front wall and paving. Very polite and friendly, high standard of work and checked with us any design details whilst the work progressed. Even fixed some guttering for us.