Archived on 6/5/2022

How to get :white_check_mark: Verified
20 May '16

“Verified” members are those whose real-world identity has been confirmed by the team (either in person or electronically).

Their forum profile and posts are shown as “Verified”

Benefits for Verified Members

  • Add trustworthiness to your online profile (which lends credibility to your reviews of businesses etc)
  • Gain access to the members “Lounge” category
  • Able to opt in to the Ethikos category.
  • Get additional powers on the site:
    • Send private messages to other users
    • Recategorise and rename any topic
    • Flagging a spam post will immediately collapse it

How to get Verified in Person

Add a profile photo (preferably showing your face), then either:

  • attend one of our regular meetups
  • see Tolga or his staff in @No41Coffee (41 Brockley Rise)

Let them know your username and they’ll verify your profile free of charge.

How to get Verified Electronically

Record a short video, filmed in a well-known Forest Hill / Honor Oak location (i.e. Honor Oak Park / London Road / Stanstead Road), in which you state your forum username. “I am ‘username’ and this is me at x location”

Then either:

We’ll then mark your profile as verified.


Videos are not shared outside the team and are deleted once viewed.