Archived on 6/5/2022

Trombone teacher?

19 Nov '18

Hi, I’m Joe. My 8 year old has just been lent a trombone and he’s very keen to learn. He has shown promise on the violin (I’m a violinist) and he is still keen to learn that too. Can anyone recommend a good trombone or general brass instrument teacher?

If he really wants to get into music I’m thinking he should probably also learn keyboards but don’t want to overload him or kill his enthusiasm.

Any suggestions?

24 Nov '18

Hello, a friend of mine who runs a band I play in brought your post to my attention.
My Name is Hywel Jones, I am a Brass teacher (for the London Borough of Ealing) by trade, I would be more than happy to advise but this is really a phone conversation.
Can you contact me on 07785945846?

26 Nov '18

Hello Joe,
The son of a friend is a brilliant trombonist (also pianist and guitarist) who teaches locally, as well as playing professionally. Probably because he’s enthusiastic, young and approachable the kids I know that he teaches seem to really like him and enjoy the lessons. I’d definitely recommend giving him a ring.
His name’s Lucas Petter and his mobile number is 07772 579179.
Hope this is helpful!

26 Nov '18

Hi Hywel, that’s really generous of you. I think I’ve found him a really nice teacher so we’re OK now but thanks for offering. Joe

26 Nov '18

Thanks Zoe. I think we are OK now. My son just had his first lesson at Iceni music shop and seemed to really like the teacher but if it doesn’t work out I now know where to go. Thanks again, Joe