11+ Tutoring to successfully prepare children for 11+ entrance exams.

As a professional tutor, I work independently and as an employee of prestigious local tutoring agencies.

With a passion for education and teaching, I am enthusiastic and committed to my students and their needs so they can indeed succeed in a confident and friendly learning environment.

I provide:

  • One-to-one focus to address your child’s unique ways to learn so he/she can attain the expected level of attainment.
  • Thorough knowledge of the requirements for each specific selective test.
  • Cements the child’s knowledge acquired at school, as well as covers subjects and exam techniques not taught in school by the end of Year 5, thus filling-in the possible gaps in his/her knowledge.
  • Consultation about grammar and independent schools in the area available.

Please find some references:
“Caroline is a kind, warm and inspiring tutor. My 10 year old daughter always looked forward to her sessions with Caroline and she became very well prepared for her 11+ exams.”
“We were very happy indeed with Caroline - Imogen and Bailey both got offers from all schools applied for, and Bailey has two academic scholarships and a third scholarship interview, so they have done wonderfully - thank you!”
“When tutoring my son Theo, Caroline was really committed and was brilliant for keeping him motivated. They had a really nice relationship. She has an amazing ability to make the lessons fun and was always coming up with inventive ways of teaching. I’ve just asked my son if he wanted to add anything and he says “She knew me really well.””
“I have known Caroline around four years and she has taught two of my four children. In terms of teaching content, I have found her to be a very well-prepared and diligent teacher, with creative ideas about how to engage the children, taking into account differing needs. She is very personable and popular with the children - they have always very much looked forward to seeing her. On the practical side, she is organised, punctual and communicative.”

Please contact: Dr Caroline Perret - caroperret@hotmail.com - Tel. 0208 291 93 43 / 0749 7767 661. [DBS checked.]

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