Archived on 6/5/2022

Russian teachers?

27 Dec '18

Hi, I’m looking for someone local who does 1:1 Russian tuition from scratch and is happy to work with a complete beginner. Saturdays preferred but weekday evenings fine too, happy to either provide space at our house or for me to travel to you. I understand professional 1:1 tuition is expensive and very happy to pay the going rate.

Travelling to Belarus and Georgia this year coming so think having basic Russian and a grounding in the Cyrillic alphabet will come in handy!

Any suggestions?

12 Mar '19

Hi Irmani,

Are you still looking for a Russian tutor? I’m using Preply at the moment and it’s been great so far. Preply is a website that connects you online with all sorts of tutors including Russian speaking :). At the moment I’m paying $10 (£7-8 pounds) for a 1:1 1 hour Skype lesson. Which actually works really well!

I’d also recommend the course and work book Ruslan 1 for vocabulary and grammar (£30ish on Amazon), Russian for beginners PDF for grammar excersises(free) and the app drops (free) to improve your vocabulary.

Good luck!

Ps. let me know if you want to join preply. I think we both get a discount if I recommend someone :slight_smile: