Archived on 6/5/2022

Crash on Woolstone Road

5 Mar '19

Appreciate this is a VERY long shot, but our car parked on Woolstone Road was badly damaged at around 2am this morning by someone heading towards Perry Vale, who hit it and drove off.

A couple of neighbours heard the crash and saw a guy get out to inspect the damage, but didn’t manage to get any information other than it was a white car (possibly a Nissan Qashqai). We’re presuming it will have sustained some significant damage to the front passenger side given the fact that we found our car (a medium sized SUV) sitting on the pavement this morning with the rear drivers side tyre ripped off and a huge dent in the rear passenger side.

If anyone saw/heard anything, or has noticed a white car with damage that would fit the above, we’d be really grateful for any information. Currently I’m “at fault” even though I was fast asleep in bed!