Archived on 6/5/2022

Lewisham Drivers To Switch Sides

1 Apr '19

Remember to drive on the right. From today direction of travel switches on Lewisham roads to align with the rest of Europe.

Moderators. Given the context of Europe and Brexit feel free to move to politicos if necessary.

1 Apr '19

As the decision was taken at a local level I think it can stay here. :wink:

1 Apr '19

Actually it was just cars and motorbikes from today - Lewisham are phasing in for coaches and lorries next week - unless they meet ULEZ standards in which case they can drive in the middle .

1 Apr '19

Clearly it’s just another cost saving measure by the cash-strapped council to reverse the wear on the roads by literally driving them in the other direction. That’s why red-routes aren’t part of it as they are already better maintained.

Who do they think they are fooling?

1 Apr '19

Oh, I heard that the rationale was because the manufacturing process of making car tyres is a heavy pulluter and scientists have discovered that if you drive the ‘wrong way’ up the road, the rubber, which has been ground into the tarmac after many years, is put back onto the tyres. So, not only is this a winner for the environment, it’s also a winner for motorists who will only have to drive 50 miles to re-tread tyres that are currently MOT failures.