Archived on 6/5/2022

Needles found in Albion Millenium Green

3 Apr '19

Sorry to report:

3 Apr '19

What a classy neighbourhood we live in

3 Apr '19

It’s kinda like smokers; I understand cigarettes are addictive and some people enjoy it, but there’s no need to drop cigarette butts everywhere and be a litter lout too.

Unfortunately this is a few orders of magnitude down from that.

3 Apr '19

Could be worse - you could be living around Hapstead Heath

3 Apr '19

I think Albion millennium fields is such a shame. It’s a potentially wonderful place but is blighted by misuse. I have small children that I’d love to take there but when I’ve been there’s been dodgy people hiding in the bushes.
I know a local nursery wanted to use it to take the children on a field day but a safety check showed it was not suitable.
A much better solution seems to be like Dacres Wood or Granthorne where it’s closed for the most part unless you are “a friend”.
I understand the desire to keep it public but I think it’s clear that a minority is spoiling it for the majority and it just doesn’t work.
I’ve tried to join as a Friend but the website soesnt work. Does anyone know why it is how it is ?

4 Apr '19

I’m surprised they bothered to go down to the green to shoot up. There was a guy hanging out of the bin store of the flats next to the swimming pool, injecting into his groin last week. And that area is rife for drug dealing. See it two or three times a day; and that’s from occasionally looking out of the window. Cars pulling up, someone leaning into the window. Motorcyclists stopping and ‘shaking hands ‘ with a random person on the pavement. Also seen people injecting in the car park behind the job centre after dark.

5 Apr '19

Where is the millennium Albion green? It’s amazing isn’t it that injecting is being done in broadlight! The people doing it are obviously brazen enough to not think they will get caught!

5 Apr '19

There seems to be a lot of junkies and blatant drug dealing and taking in the area-I’ve noticed it more in the past 6 months than in the last 8 years of living here.
I was wondering if a new hostel or something has opened because there has to be a reason why its suddenly become a bit of an issue

5 Apr '19

I knew that bit of land, but not it’s name.

6 Apr '19

I think perhaps the Miriam lodge has changed its admission policy. ?