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Cancer Research Fundraiser

6 Apr '19

Just a quick post to raise awareness for a local lad(my son) who has entered into the Ultra White Collar Boxing Competition to raise money for Cancer Research.
His Fight is today Saturday, I’d just like to put it out there, incase anyone would like to kindly donate on his just giving site.
This will be his 1st every fight. 3 rounds of 2 minutes each.

Or search justgiving John Neil III

It for a great cause & this is the only post I’ll do for it.


6 Apr '19

Done! Hope he wins.

8 Apr '19

Thank you that is very kind!

He didn’t win but was a very lively fight. With no bumps or bruises on John.

His original opponent had to pull out as injured his ribs in training.

So our boy had to fight a stand in who had had 3, in ring fights prior to event.

So John did really well as this was is first ever time in the ring.

Amazing to see all the novice boxers men & women doing this for Cancer Research.

So proud & he has raised £539

Thank you!

7 Jun '19

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