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Want a cat? Celia Hammond Trust in Lewisham has some extra cats going

8 Apr '19

The Celia Hammond Trust in Lewisham has just taken in 45 cats from the home of an elderly woman. That is a lot of new wards for the CHT to look after. If you have ever though of adopting a lovely cat or two now is a really good time.

There’s more information over of their FB page. Or contact them directly.

9 Apr '19

Just taken my usual collection of old newspapers along. And also took a couple of bags of cat biscuits. We don’t have any vacancies at the moment so can’t take any one in but figured they could do with some food to help feed the extra mouths…

10 Apr '19

My daughter & her fiancé got 2 cats from there about 6 months ago now. She would definitely recommend getting cats from there, as they are all so well looked after & they never refuse any! I have taken newspapers, old bedding, cushions & food.

9 Jun '19

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