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Broadband providers

14 Apr '19

Good morning all , shortly moving to Tyson road and looking at getting broadband . Am just wondering what people’s experiences have been like with various providers in the area . Ideally looking for 12 month contract ( not 18 ) and also a decent speed ( most seem to offer a paltry 11 mb avg which I imagine at peak times would be insufficient )

Any feedback greatly appreciated

14 Apr '19

Some areas, including bovill rd, don’t have normal fibre and only offer up to 11mbs, except for one or two providers who offer fibre to the premises which is supposed to be very good. That might be what you’re finding. Try BT fibre, I’ve just switched and waiting for installation so can’t comment on quality, but prices are fair and currently lots of offers on with cashback and a free google home.

14 Apr '19

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