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Wanted - cats

23 Apr '19

hello! My children are keen we are getting a pet - dog or cat, they don’t seem too difficult. Does anyone know how to buy a puppy or kitten? or good rescue centers who have animals who are not too traumatised? thanks a lot!

23 Apr '19

Hi @Selbe

A lot of people recommend Celia Hammond for cats, though I believe they often want people to rehome 2 kittens at once as opposed to one.

We got a 5 year old cat off a local group and he has been brilliant with our kids.

I think you have to be very careful with rescue dogs and young children but good rescue centres can advice you.

Good luck!

24 Apr '19

As well as Celia Hammond in Lewisham which @oakr has already mentioned above there is also the famous Battersea Dogs and Cats Home

24 Apr '19

And a bit further afield (i.e. north of the river) The Mayhew -

24 Apr '19

Please get you kitty from a reputable shelter like those listed. They have loads of kittens and young cats in desperate need of homes. And most importantly come fully health checked. You wont get that from an ad or a newsagent.

24 Apr '19

I should make clear we didn’t get ours through a shelter, essentially he was off a local facebook group. A couple with young kids could not look after him anymore, we did all the normal stuff you would do with a shelter, went round to the house to see him, took the kids to meet him, they checked us out etc.

There are advantages to getting an older cat or dog, although I understand the allure of getting a kitten or puppy. Firstly they are trained, should have all their standard vet procedures done already, you will know if they are good or not with kids, for some dogs they will be past the nippy and or bouncy stage which might be a factor with young children.

That said I got a kitten when I was 3, he died when I was 21 - it was amazing to effectively grow up together with him.

Anyway main thing is research and making sure the animal you get is right for your home and your family, and you can meet their needs (more so for dogs in terms of walking etc).

Good luck, having a family pet is a wonderful thing!

25 Apr '19

Celia Hammond are excellent for cats/kittens. They are all neutured, vaccinated etc. They do do a home visit before you are allowed to choose to check you out & the environment the cats are going to be going to.
My friend has recently got a dog from Battersea. They have had 2 dogs before who lived long & happy lives. But Battersea still insisted that all the family (herself, husband & 2 remaining grown up children) visit the home to confirm that they were happy to take the dog. They apparently also check with you what type of dog you would like & again check what home they are going to, so they match the dog to your circumstances & ideals.

26 Apr '19

I’d recommend Cats Protection over Celia Hammond. You can then meet the cats being fostered in homes and get a better idea of their personalities and how they act in an environment that’s closer to home. I think it’s the Bromley branch that we’re covered by but they work with neighbouring branches to find you the right pet.

26 Apr '19

Both my cats from Celia Hammond were in a foster home when I met them.

25 Jun '19

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