Archived on 6/5/2022

Forest Hill supermarket - Dartmouth road, closed?

24 May '19

Does anyone know if the Forest Hill supermarket on Dartmouth road has closed?

I was expecting a parcel delivered to CollectPlus which has been delivered to the shop but everytime I go there it’s been closed for days…?

Thanks for your help!

24 May '19

They had v little stock last time I went in and I think there’s a big TOLET sign on top so I think it may have passed …
not sure what that means for your parcel :frowning:

24 May '19

They stopped accepting drop offs for CollectPlus at least a couple of months ago, so I assume they are no longer part of the network - not really sure why you were still given the option to collect from there.

24 May '19

The owner is selling the Freehold - lock, stock and barrel.