Archived on 6/5/2022

Scrap metal

26 May '19

Hi all. I’ve got some scrap lead piping I’d like to get rid of for a few quid. Does anyone know where I could take it to?

27 May '19

There’s a scrap metal dealer in Kangley Bridge Rosd in Sydenham . I think these days you need to show ID and be paid by cheque when selling scrap metal .

28 May '19

Great, thanks Nigel. Will check them out

29 May '19

Can you let us know how you got on, please? I’ve got some to shift too.

29 May '19

That was easy! Get there, put the items on the massive scale. A man writes a note with what it is and how much it weighs, they ask if you want a cheque or bank transfer, boom! Done. Take photo ID and something that proves your address. The money should be in my account within an hour. Thanks @NigelA and go for it @Beige - easy peasy