Archived on 6/5/2022

Changes to 171/172 bus routes

4 Jun '19

Heads up for those who use the 171 or 172 to get into central London.

Looks like both routes are being shortened as of 15th June;

  • Route 171 will terminate at Elephant & Castle instead of Holborn. Advice is to change to routes 1, 68, 168 or 188 to reach Holborn.

  • Route 172 will terminate at Aldwych instead of Clerkenwell Green. Advice is to change to route 341 anywhere between Waterloo and Aldwych to continue on.

Summary of changes can be found here;

or here;

5 Jun '19

Terrible. The Elephant and Castle is a hell hole junction. The saving grace of enduring going by slow-coach-road and not by rail was not only to save money…but be able to stay on one mode of transport to the end of your route without having to change and start waiting yet again for another connection, especially in winter. With trains, not only are they more expensive, but often there are so many changes with huge distances of inter-section tunnels and flights of stairs to connect to your next line. The 171 was slow but relaxing. Does that mean the N171 going across the river has bitten the dust too? So for shift workers, more stress getting to work.

6 Jun '19

The bus routes in our part of south east london are diabolical if you work in the west end.
I just don’t get why they seem to be curtailing the routes as opposed to lengthening them and adding to them.
I feel totally at the mercy of the Overground and SE rail in order to get to my job in the west end.
Peckham has fantastic Bus connections to Central london, but if you live in Forest Hill you have to change to get anywhere in the W1 area.
Unless you count the woefully inadiquate 176 which used to terminate at Oxford Circus but now stops somewhere round Tottenham Court road.
I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again-I love the area but HATE the rubbish transport options to the central west end.