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Lost Cat

12 Jul '19

Hobbs (pictured) is about a year and lives on Canonbie Road.

So, he wandered off and was found a few days ago BUT now we haven’t seen him for three days and would like to get him home and ‘calibrated’ again.

We know that boy cats can go a-wandering BUT any sightings gratefully accepted so we can remind him where he lives!

Thanks all for your help both on and off-line.

He’s off spreading his wings, so if anyone happens to see him, we’re trying to remind him where he lives, and to pop back, so PLEASE don’t feed him!

(Though, with thanks to the kind souls who thought he was lost!)

The usual request to keep your eyes peeled and check sheds and garages. He is a big fan of our garage so may be trying out others.

If you spot him we’d be grateful if you’d let us know on - 07932-771452 / 07801-842406.

Thanks all.
Peter & Helen


12 Jul '19

Hi Peter and Helen and welcome to the forum. Sorry to hear about Hobbs.

I’ve shared on our social channels:

12 Jul '19

Thanks Chris, you’re a star.

12 Jul '19

Maybe Hobbs is hanging with Oprah somewhere… Fingers crossed they both turn up soon. I’ll keep a look out - am doing a fair bit of bell-jingling and calling around the Garthorne Road area…

12 Jul '19

Hi Peter & Helen, Have you found Hobbs? I think we saw him the other day on Devonshire Rd and he followed me and the kids half way up Tyson Rd.


13 Jul '19

Hi Katie,
Not yet, we did a reccy of the area last night but no sign. That sounds like him though and it is also where he’s been spotted hanging out.
Thanks so much for letting us know.

15 Jul '19

no problem. I was doing the school run on that day and on my way back home I saw a lady looking after him and she fed him. We talked about the cat and how we bought thought he was lost, she was going to post it on one of these forums. I don’t know what happened, I left her to it.

22 Jul '19

AND he’s back. We had contact from a Sydenham vet that someone brought him in, thinking he was a stray (he’s NOT). So he’s home and we’ve put a collar on him with instructions not to feed him, so hopefully he doesn’t choose to wander as far.

Thanks all for concern and looking out and the rest, :smile: