13 fab things to do on Dartmouth Road, Forest Hill




Wow. We sound so interesting.


I can confirm that those rhubarb margaritas are absolutely lush!


Does this mean that I’m going to be inundated with applicants wanting to start their own little business in the shop that’s just become available?
(Would you believe that someone’s just asked if they can have it as a tyre shop!?!?)


Could you share details on the newly-available shop please? Probably best in a new topic.


Thank you @ChrisBeach, it’s the old DAPPER shop but I’ve got someone holding-on for a viewing next Monday so I won’t launch it on another thread unless things don’t work out with this person.


Slightly ironic timing for this article. People wishing to visit Dartmouth Rd might be best to wait a week, or fortnight, or month… :roll_eyes:



Was this a coincidentally timed off the cuff article or did Lewisham council fund it to help post roadworks?


Written by El Hunt, a new Time Out contributor and presumably local. I’d also assume it was pitched to Time Out rather than commissioned, so could indeed have been timed to promote the road reopening.


I think it was one of our D Rd customers trying to push the trade on D Rd because it’s been dwindling due to the roadworks, but I may be wrong :slight_smile:


Dropped in to Wetherspoons at the Capitol for a hot chocalate and complimentary mince pies on our Christmas Day Walk. So good to see it open and that folks have a place to go today. Happy Holidays to all!


Wetherspoons seems to be doing a good trade - judging by the number of customers I see when I get off the 176 bus in the evening.