Archived on 6/5/2022

Free after school hockey on Mondays in HOP for children of all abilities

26 Sep '19

I see Honor Oak Panthers, based at Kings College Sports Ground on Brockley Rise, are offering free sessions 4pm to 5.15pm for children of any ability on Mondays - my kids can’t do it but thought I’d pass it on as it sounds great and just after school finishes.

Below is copied from their FB Page

We are very excited to announce our latest addition to the Panthers programme…

A totally free after school hockey club that will run weekly on a Monday afternoon at our ground in Honor Oak Park.

This is open to all children of any ability - our aim is simple - we want to encourage as many kids as possible to stay active, enjoy sport and try hockey! :field_hockey:

If you’d like to join us please register through this link.

We can’t wait to see you on Monday! :field_hockey::field_hockey:

2 Dec '19

Hi @oakr - thanks so much for spreading the word on this. I know your post is a bit old now but I only just noticed it (been a while since i’ve been on here!!) I run this junior hockey club so if anyone is interested or has questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me! I should probably get an updated post going to spread the word about the club more widely!

3 Dec '19

Hi @sherradan

No problem - my son went to an open day a few years ago and loved it, we’ve just never been able to manage it timing wise with his other activities, but hopefully will at some point!

Definitely worth updating periodically here and elsewhere as new people move and \ or children’s interests change.

Good luck!


9 Oct '21

Hi @sherradan or anyone else, are the free hockey sessions on Mondays still running? One of my kids has decided he’d like to try.


9 Oct '21

Hi @oakr yes we are still running them! We have a slightly different registration system now. Please visit our website at Juniors - Panthers Hockey — KAHC Hockey and you will find a link to register on our club management platform, teamo. Look forward to seeing him there!

9 Oct '21

Great thank you so much!

1 Nov '21

Thought I’d update. Our youngest has now been a few times and loves it, and we know a couple of other local kids (another Y3 and one Y6) who also really enjoy it - amazing for a free session.

Thanks @sherradan and all involved - fantastic community club.

// it’s not on tonight but will be back next week if anyone wanted to signup.