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Combi boiler service

13 Oct '19


With winter fast approaching, can anyone recommend a good local company that services combi boilers? We had someone last time but they didn’t seem to do much whereas I hear good companies will drain it and really give it a good clean.


13 Oct '19

I would highly reccomend Paul at

He installed a new boiler for me and has done other plumbing work as well. He is very thorough and reliable.

13 Oct '19

Some general boiler recommendations here: Boiler engineer needed urgently

14 Oct '19

Sounds like you need/want a powerflush.

I had LMS do this recently among other things. They basically drained the system, inserted a big magnetic filter device into the central heating return flow, refilled with water and cleaning additive, then ran the heating through each radiator, one at a time. Finally the system was drained again, the temporary filters removed, and then everything refilled and inhibitor added.

The temporary magnetic filter was then inspected and you could see lots of fluffy black stuff which had come out of the system, which was quite satifying.

14 Oct '19

Thanks. This sounds really good. How much was this, out of interest?

14 Oct '19

I’ll PM you :slight_smile:

16 Oct '19

The HQ appears to have moved from Catford, but they still cover SE London. Punctual, courteous and sorted my boiler out quickly.

17 Oct '19

I’ve heard LMS is a really good service. Another local firm is Gas Wright Services who have been looking after our boiler for a couple of years, as well as our other gas appliances like the gas fire.

PS… an earlier post I made gave an incorrect web site (my fault) which linked to some nefarious site. Don’t use that link. Any fault was my own not the firm’s.

20 Oct '19

Hi there,
I run a gas company from Forest Hill;
Yogi Gas. I have over 10 years experience and was trained by British Gas to highest standards. Check out my website:

28 Oct '19

Went with LMS Gas services and am really pleased. He did a standard service and really gave the boiler a good clean, showing me stuff other companies never picked up. Clogged filters etc etc. Lots of tests too and boiler is in good working order. Very pleased and won’t hesitate to use again.

29 Oct '19

Have had wonderful experiences with South London Heating in Penge- so much so that I’ve recommended them to a few people and all of them have said the same.

9 Nov '19

Just to add. I had a service from LMS yesterday having been through a number of other providers and they were by far the best i have used in the area. Punctual, knowledgeable and not mercenary!

1 Oct '21

Was that for a powerflush? Do you mind me asking how much it cost please?

1 Oct '21

No idea I’m afraid. Think it was a standard service but have used again recently and still pleased.

10 Oct '21

Just wanted to add to all the recommendations for LMS Gas Services. We’ve used them several times and they’ve been beyond fantastic.

2 Mar '22

Thanks for sharing, just bumping Dulwich plumbers up, they were a life saver today and super fast call out.