Archived on 6/5/2022

Help needed re: Antenatal classes!

27 Oct '19

Does anyone have any contact details for the antenatal classes run at Dulwich Community Hospital (refereed by KCH)?!

Odd request but my wife and I need to request different dates/times but we weren’t given a contact and through google, websites, ringing guys and tommy’s (Which the hospital falls under), ringing Kings (where we are planning on having a baby) etc all the different numbers we have been given don’t work, go to somewhere weird (foot clinic?!) or go to someone associated with the classes but aren’t in a position to look at calendars/rebook! :frowning: Only got given the slots this week and they start in under 2 weeks so desperate to get it sorted ASAP!

Any possible leads would be amazing.

Many thanks,


27 Oct '19

Try your midwife.

29 Oct '19

Sorry this is too late but today, but as @Pea says try the midwife.

We missed the 2nd of 3 sessions when I got us on the wrong train from London Bridge (I highly don’t recommend doing this!) but I think we sorted out the next session via the midwife unit, or got details that way.

Good luck with everything!