Archived on 6/5/2022

Shifford path residents group

2 Nov '19


My wife and I moved to Shifford path at the beginning of this year. We love the area and it’s been great to meet the neighbours that we have done so far. I was wondering if there was an existing Shifford Path resident group or if there would be any interest in starting one? Would be a good place to share information, borrow things and get to know neighbours. I’m happy to start a group if there is some interest.



9 Nov '19

Can you DM me? There is a residents group, it’s a bit inactive at the moment though

21 Jan '20

Hello, I’m new to the area as well. I’d like to be involved in a residents group if there is one.
Or can you please direct me to someone I can contact?

many thanks!


6 Apr '21

Can you please point me to the Shifford Path residents group if that’s still active? many thanks!