Archived on 6/5/2022

Thames Water maintenance

1 Dec '19

I live just off London Road and received this text message from Thames Water at 11:32 today (01/12/2019):
We need to carry out repair work in your area today which may lead to low pressure or no water. We’re really sorry. We’re fixing it as quickly as we can.

2 Dec '19

Today as in Jan 1st? Thames Water won’t even tell me when dig up the road in front of my house!
(And at least twice this year have denied it happening!)

2 Dec '19

Hey @john_wilson good spot date changed to 1st Dec

2 Dec '19

Whatever leak there is at London Rd and the South Circular up by the Horniman is impressive to say the least. I was walking up on Saturday afternoon and there was a river flowing down towards The Grove Tavern and people getting soaked everywhere.

I hope they sort it out properly…