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Favourite dog-friendly haunts? [2016-2018]

1 Aug '16

Hi all,

First post here! As a SE23 newbie with a puppy, I was wondering where your favourite dog-friendly pubs/restaurants/cafes are? Jam Circus and Blythe Hill Tavern are always great with the pup, and I know the Honor Oak welcomes dogs, but it’d be great to have a list of great places to visit.

Thanks in advance!

1 Aug '16

Dogs are apparently allowed to bring well-behaved owners into All Bar Inn.

1 Aug '16

There are quite a few around, more than you might think. My regular haunts with the hound:

Forest Hill
The Signal
Sylvan Post
The Archie Parker
The Montage
The Perry Vale

161 (Kirkdale)
Mayow Park Cafe
The Wood House (Sydenham Hill)
The Rosendale (West Dulwich)
The French Cafe (Forest Hill Road)

1 Aug '16

The only non dog-friendly pub I know of is the Dolphin in Sydenham. Everywhere else I have been in are fine with dogs on lead. They all need as much trade as they can get.

1 Aug '16

Railway Tavern yesterday had a few dogs inside.

Sylvan Post has water bowls and free doggie treats.

1 Aug '16

The Dartmouth Arms is also worth a visit, and the Bridge in Penge keeps a big jar of dog treats on the bar…

1 Aug '16

The Dartmouth Arms is also worth a visit

I didn’t think they were dog friendly? Would be great if they were - I haven’t been there for ages!

1 Aug '16

We’ve been in a few times lately with our dog - maybe a change of heart? (Or nobody noticed…)

1 Aug '16

W were there a few times recently and there were pooches. But in the garden.

1 Aug '16

The Fat Walrus in New Cross has it’s own pub dog called Baloo who i’m sure would be up for a play with your pooch :O)

2 Aug '16

Thanks so much everyone! We’re looking forward to visiting all of these :dog:

4 Aug '16

Donde, the Spanish restaurant in Honor Oak, allows dogs- at least in the bar area.

9 Aug '16

Dogs and their owners are welcome at V22 Louise House!

The Community Garden is open and there is a bar serving drinks Thursday-Sunday during V22 Summer Club. Come and enjoy the sunshine!

We have a full programme of events for V22 Summer Club 2016, until 28 August.

9 Oct '19

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