Archived on 6/5/2022

Crystal Palace reliability trials 1903

7 Dec '19

Here are some more mostly local SE London old photos, all found in the net

I think the 1000 mile trials of 1900 & 1903 finished at the Crystal Palace

“Crystal Palace reliability trials 1903 b” Is, I think Mar gate.

1903 1 of 2.PNG

1903 2 of 2.PNG

10 Dec '19

Amazing photos. Thank you for sharing. Who knew there were so many motor cars around then?

Re the final photo: I believe that’s the corner of Fairlawn Park/Sydenham Road and though lightning may never strike the same place twice, German bombs did. That same spot was bombed again in WW2.


10 Dec '19

An interesting little read here …

10 Dec '19

Yes the 4th pic definitely shows the Grand Theatre in Margate