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Extinct rebellion posters

11 Dec '19

Any body know whom I’d contact about the exctint rebellions posters plastered all over the old Barclays it’s not that I’m against them per say it’s just I dont agree with the profanity on the poster which my six year old daughter could quite clearly read

11 Dec '19

Hi Andrea and welcome to the forum.

You can report it at Fix My Street:

And also let the ward councillors know. @sophiedavis might be able to help.

[Edit just for completeness:

Fly posting is an offence:
Graffiti and flyposting
S.43 Anti-social Behaviour Act 2003

And Lewisham Council has been known to take action against those responsible for environmental offences such as these.

From How are fixed penalty notices given out?

"Our authorised officers can give out fixed penalty notices to offenders in person or via post. You can read about how we enforce our fixed penalty notices in our enforcement policy.
Enforcement policy

Pdf, 1.6MB"]