Archived on 6/5/2022

Do you still have milk delivered?

12 Dec '19

You hardly see them around these days, but they were a wonderful part of the community. We used to have Unigate then changed to the RACS, who arrived just after 7am every morning. Very eco friendly as the bottles are reused and the milk cart is electric. Who would have thought, this relic from the past was streets ahead environmentally.

12 Dec '19

We used Milk and More a few years ago, but my wife preferred the larger capacity ones as we get through so much with 2 kids and they are easier to store in our fridge space wise.

I have fond memories of the milk being delivered and remember the programm \ clip they did of the blue tits learning to open the tops.

I tried looking into it at the time, and my memory now fails me, but the glass was not always more environmentally friendly from what I remember.

In reality we got it for nostalgia reasons for me, I’d still have it now and maybe we will again in the future.

12 Dec '19

Yep - everything has down sides. Glass is much heavier than plastic and so uses more energy to transport. It also takes plenty of energy to clean to a standard needed to hold foods and liquids. You also need to be more careful in handling glass to avoid breakages contaminating foodstuffs.

That said, you can melt glass down and do something else with it if you want, which isn’t the case for all plastics, and of course many plastics are designed to be used only once :frowning:

We have “Milk & More” delivered to work, and that seems okay, but is in plastic bottles…

12 Dec '19

We get milk delivered by

Very reliable - the only downside is that I seem to have to chase them to get a bill!
We only get through a couple of pints a week and they are happy with small deliveries.
They do lots of other stuff too and 4 pint containers of milk if you have a family.

I don’t think the environmental aspects are clear cut. Glass takes more energy to produce which emits more CO2 but they can be used multiple times and then recycled into fiberglass at the end of a life. Plastic has loads of issues which are well documented…

12 Dec '19

We’ve used what is now Milk & More for years as I wanted to support that sort of business and I suppose it took me back to being small. But I think they have expanded too quickly post Blue Planet and they have been really unreliable so we’ve stopped using them

12 Dec '19

Sounds great Nick. We are pretty happy with milk and more though it’s not cheap - 80p per pint or so. How much does your supplier charge, if you know?

12 Dec '19

I use Milk&More for my milk (& more) definitely recommend them, been reliable in my experience and always by the door before 7am

13 Dec '19

If they delivered oat milk in glass bottles then I’d be keen for that…

13 Dec '19

I also use Milk & More and they have been fine. There’s been the odd mistake / late delivery, but easily resolved with their call centre. Also they do have oat milk in glass bottles (you can leave the bottles out to be collected) but it is hideously expensive.

13 Dec '19

I don’t actually know! I’ll see if we actually have a bill from them.

13 Dec '19

We also use Moreton. I switched after Milk&More messed up too many times, leaving us without milk!!!
I must say, I’ve been using them since September and haven’t yet received a bill even though I’ve followed up a bunch of times! Hope I won’t need a loan to pay it off :laughing:

14 Dec '19

Milk and more are brilliant.