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Christmas Tree Recycling Points 2019 / 2020

27 Dec '19

Lewisham Council have indicated you can drop your Christmas Tree at the following points (link here )

Whilst not listed, the Friends of Blythe Hill are reporting as with previous years you can also drop the tree off at the bottom of Blythe Hill Fields (Codrington Hill Entrance). Not sure if the late Feb date applies to Blythe Hill.

You can recycle your real Christmas tree from 2 January to 28 February 2020.

Bring your tree to one of these collection points:

** Hilly Fields, entrance in Hilly Fields Crescent*
** Deptford Park, entrance in Scawen Road*
** Telegraph Hill, Pepys Road/Kitto Road entrance*
** Talbot Place, Blackheath*
** Mountsfield Park, entrance at top of George Lane*
** Sydenham Wells Park, entrance in Wells Park Road*
** Forster Memorial Park, top entrance on Whitefoot Lane*
** Northbrook Park, Baring Road entrance*
** Mayow Park, entrance in Mayow Road*
** Chinbrook Meadows, Amblecote Road*
** Manor House Gardens, Old Road entrance (you can’t recycle your tree at Manor Park).*

If you have a garden waste bin, you can use it to recycle your real Christmas tree. Just cut it into pieces no bigger than 10cm thick and 50cm long.

You should remove all decorations before recycling your tree. You can’t put artificial trees in your garden waste bin.

5 Jan '20

So, note to those who have just dumped theirs on the corner of Colfe and Como, no, that is not a collection point… Honestly, how lazy can you get?

5 Jan '20

Walked ours to Mayow Park today and was surprised with the amount of trees we saw dumped all over the place, I hope its missunderstanding.

Responsibility of buying something is also a responsibility of disposing properly!

Would be good it Lewisham offered a tree collection day like Southwark though.

5 Jan '20

One more to add to the list:

** Blythe Hill, Codrington Hill entrance*

This is via the Friends of Blythe Hill Fields Facebook group:

6 Jan '20

does anyone know of someone who will come and collect the tree and take it to one of the disposal sites? for those that don’t have cars etc? many thanks

6 Jan '20

And for those (like me) who live in the tiny bit of SE23 that is Southwark Council:

  • if you have a food and garden waste collection real Christmas trees can be collected as part of your normal household collection, simply leave it by your bin on collection day or;
  • if you don’t have a food and garden waste collection now, book a special one off garden collection on our website or send an email to with your address, so we can add it to the next collection in your area; you’ll need to make sure it’s accessible for the crew to collect
  • alternatively real Christmas trees and plastic Christmas trees can be brought to the Reuse and Recycling centre on Devon Street (off old Kent Road)

8 Jan '20

I did mention it in the second paragraph :slight_smile: but probably should have added to the list as easily missed, so good reminder.

Dropped ours off today and glad to report many others have also, and assume that number will grow.

12 Jan '20

Wouldn’t it be reasonable for someone to ring Glendale on 0208 318 3986 and support this recycling request: “Hi Glendale, can you ensure that all of our dumped trees are chipped up and recycled in our park? Specifically, spread out on either side of the footpath leading in from Montacute Road to link up with ‘Trim Trail’ exercise equipment.” This is acually promoted actively by Lewisham Council but has not once been pursued by any park user. I cannot make that phone call due to being demoted as a park user. Therefore, I trust that someone will do so to benefit our park.

14 Jan '20

Happens every year- so annoying. Have a suspicion who it is but never caught red handed!

2 Jan '21

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2 Jan '21