Archived on 6/5/2022

Tutoring up to GCSE level in Maths, English, Sciences and Humanities

13 Jan '20

Hi, I am a current year 13 student offering tutoring services in Maths, English, Science, Geography and German. I work part-time at a local tutoring company and have a reasonable amount of experience tutoring thus far. I study Maths, Further Maths, Physics and German at A-Level and am predicted an A* in all of these. At GCSE I achieved perfect grades in Maths, English, Science and several others. Overall this consisted of 8 top grades (9/A*), I also took English Language a year early and achieved a grade 9.

I am willing to offer a competitive rate of £20 per hour, which I think is fair considering my experience and skillset. I have taken the new GCSE’s myself and so can give unique guidance and advice, I believe this is an advantage I possess over other tutors, who have not been through the exams they are trying to prepare people for. I can travel. If interested please feel free to contact me on 07443 518180 or by emailing

25 Jan '20

Tom, my 14 year old son is having difficulty with Quadratic Equations and understanding Trigonometry. Can I just organise a few lessons round these subjects rather than commit to long-term tutoring?

27 Jan '20

Of course, I’m flexible and there is no fixed contract. Pm me and we can organise further.

11 Nov '21

Hi, please could you let me know your hourly fee for year 4 primary school English. Kind regards, Clive