Archived on 6/5/2022

Neighbourhood Watch

16 Jan '20

I noticed at back of Sienna Place both sides groups of young people like to gather and smoke. I know they haven’t committed any sort of crime and are probably bored and like to chat. But it is a private area and not a meet up place to hang random times when it suits. The Lighting is poor at night which don’t help. The other part Sainsburys side sometimes they gather there on bikes. If not then the 2 drinkers who end up going into open gardens and hang only to dump there rubbish or use it has a toilet. Not really respectful or nice and can be quite intimidating to those who need to get in or out from home or just to walk through. Please stay safe and alert its something not to ignore and to be addressed to make others aware of if not already. Considering a couple of random happens have occurred in such darkish blind spots which shouldn’t of happened.