Archived on 6/5/2022

Washing Machine Repair

30 Jan '20

Washing machine died midcycle, fuse seems fine, although it did trip the electrics. Anyone got a handyman they can recommend?

30 Jan '20
30 Jan '20

I second Steve.

30 Jan '20

I third him, he da man

3 Feb '21

And to join the party me too. What a helpful guy! :raised_hands:

13 Mar '21

I’d also like to recommend the Spin Doctor.

Our machine died mid wash last week, he came around and worked out the issue swiftly. He also explained it would be cheaper to go via the manufacturer to fix it as we needed a part that was always cheaper through them (unusually I think), and didn’t try and waste our time or do the work himself at a higher price to us.

The manufacturer’s engineer came around and changed the part Steve said was broken and all is now working again.

I’d definitely use him again - it’s great to have someone you can trust and doesn’t mess you around .

16 Mar '21

I used Steve to mend an old dishwasher a few years ago. He is very good & trustworthy.