Archived on 6/5/2022

Fencer recommendations

6 Aug '16

Hi, any recommendations for a reasonably priced fencer as the quotes that we have had for a 44 metre run have been on the high side. Thanks.

13 Mar '17

Hi all, I need some fences and two fence posts putting up in my garden. If you’ve used anyone local that you’d recommend I’d love to hear from you!


13 Mar '17

Hi @Chipcity and @BMSE23

We used Handy Mark

Not only was he fast and efficient (and let me have a go with the ridiculously powerful nailgun), but his website is a celebration of English eccentricity:

Highly recommended.

13 Mar '17

That’s great thanks Chris!

10 Apr '17

Was he any good?

9 Sep '18

Hi all. We’re looking for fencing and would love some recommendations. Someone who will do a good job but not charge the Earth. Thank you.

10 Sep '18

we used Atkins Fencing, local company which had brilliant online recommendations. Came round to look, discussed fence types and best solutions for our needs and gave a clear written quote.
Two men installed 30 odd metres of fence for us in 2 days. They took away all the old fence, cleared up diligently, looked after our plants. The quality of the work was outstanding, the fence still looks brilliant a year on and I am confident I will never have to think about that fence again.

10 Sep '18

Thank you. I’ll give them a call shortly.

Any other recommendations gladly take. Would like a couple of companies to get a comparison from.

12 Sep '18

Hi Pea,

My name is Steve and I’d be happy to quote for your job unless you’ve already got somebody obviously. I’m based in Forest Hill and my company is I frequently build or repair fencing. Please feel free to email me or call on 07725584253.


22 May '19

Just a quick word in favour of a great fencing guy who has just installed this fence in our garden for a third of the total cost of other quotes we received.

Mehmet Hassan 07910 754636

26 May '19

We’ve just used Steve, who is mentioned above. He managed to fix our fence panels meaning we didn’t have to fork out for new ones. He’s also installed new posts and added trellises. Looks very good and pleased with the finish. I believe he does paving work and landscaping. Happy to recommend for anyone in the same position.

6 Aug '20

I tried a few of the recommendations on here but they were either busy for the next few months or not interested in the job. I’d give a big recommendation to Bill at - he removed our old fence and shed, cleared a fair bit of garden and put up a very nice fence