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12” Macbook laptop for sale - SOLD

15 Feb '20

I’ve got a macbook 12-inch retina for sale. Specs as below:

Apple 12" MacBook, Intel Core M 1.3GHz, 8GB RAM, 512GB Flash, OS X 10.10, Space Grey. Recently replaced brand new keyboard. Bought in July 2015, still works absolutely fine.

It’s been cleaned up and wiped out so ready to just setup and login as new user. It’s a discontinued model, but you can still find pricey refurbs online - it’s the most portable and I love it, but I have a new laptop now, so unfortunately have to part with it.

I’m looking at around 650 or near offers. But ping over and let me know, rather let it goto someone sooner rather than later as it just sits not being used. From a non-smoking home.

15 Apr '20

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