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Forest Hill Society’s New Chairperson?

19 Feb '20

Continuing the discussion from Redecorating Forest Hill Subway [2020]:

Has FHSoc chosen a new Chair yet? Are there any proposed candidates?

It would be good to see the Society live on, post-@Michael, and continue its great work for the community, and have a positive relationship with this forum.

19 Feb '20

The Forest Hill Society is still looking for a new Chairperson. Should anyone be interested in this role, I or any other member of the Executive Committee would be more than happy to meet and talk about this.
Despite the absence of a Chair, the FHS is still very much active. Much of the work done by the Society is at the Committee level and I’m thrilled that the output often forms discussion on this Forum and other social media channels.

Activities like the annual flower planting in and around Forest Hill station and of course the ongoing maintenance. Those plants don’t get watered on their own (when it’s hot and dry) and we should be seeing the bulbs peeping out of the many planters and pots soon. Of course there was much discussion on the Christmas Tree this year and its errant hat. That’s us too. The Society continues to provide input on major planning applications and have been instrumental in recent decisions around the SE23 postcode in the last year including the creation of the Christmas Conservation Area. And of course there are the many ongoing efforts of the Society often mentioned here such as the Clean Air and Aircraft Noise campaigns. Since the wonderfully attended Christmas Tree lighting ceremony with carols and Santa, the Society hosted a public meeting of the Clean Air for SE23 campaign And a history walk around Perry Vale and Blythe Hill both just last month. We’ll be out cleaning the aforementioned subway on Saturday. And have a plethora (love that word) of events and activities coming up in the new year including a number of themed social events to connect local people IRL.

If anyone would like to help out, there’s always room on our committees for more hands including the environmental, planning, communications and events, and transport committees.

The Society lives on. And you’ll be happy to know Michael is still very much a part of it. And its always great to see that many of our executive and committee members are also regular contributors here.

Tah muchly.

7 Oct '20

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