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Dentist Recommendations [2020]
4 Mar '20

Previous Recommendations 2016-2019:

Dentist Recommended By*
Perry Vale @topofthehill, @ThorNogson, @Garfield, @RachaelDunlop, @marymck, @Fran_Payne
Dental Beauty Dulwich (formerly Townley Road) (East Dulwich) @HannahM, @topofthehill, @Nivag
Dentistry for You (Dartmouth Road) @Pauline, @Foresthillnick
Bolney Court (Sydenham) @rbmartin
Stanstead dental centre @Pea

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4 Mar '20

I was terrified when my trusted and lovely dentist retired. But someone recommended Dr Vondee at Perry Vale and although I’ve only seen him once I already trust him (which is a Big Thing for me!) and his work looks good too.

As at added surprise bonus they accepted me as a National Health patient. I thought NHS dentist had ceased to exist!

4 Mar '20

I can’t recommend enough Stanstead dental centre opposite Moon Lane Books. The two female dentists there, who I’ve see a few times for various things, are brilliant. Two kids also happy to go there which says a lot. They take NHS patients as well.

020 8690 1233

5 Mar '20

Townley Road has been taken over or rebranded as Dental Beauty Dulwich.
Had a bad experience with them when I needed an emergency consultation. They said they could fit me in, in two weeks time. I asked for something sooner due to the pain and they said I could go on a waiting list.
I phoned Dentistry for You and was in 2 hours later. Had a dying tooth that needed to be drilled out and capped. They were fine and fully explained everything that needed to be done…
I complained to Dental Beauty but they didn’t seem interested so after 15 years there I have moved on.

7 Mar '20

Having issues myself with SmilesForYou in Crofton Park. Not once under 5 years and I have been a longer customer than that may I add. I feel let down and not looked after like before. To many different dentist and my teeth broke because of them ignoring what I was saying now the fillings don’t last causing further issues. The stress it’s caused me and upset. They don’t care I want a dentist who cares and just doesn’t want your money. Not everyone can just hand £300 over seriously I don’t live a celebrity lifestyle either. Yes… please recommend a dentist to me that also caters for now nervous patients to sort this out. I would be very grateful.

25 Oct '20

Dr Vondee at Perry Dale Dental. But they’re only seeing emergencies until January.

My husband goes to a dentist in Forest Hill that are seeing private patients only at this time. I’ll ask him the name.

25 Oct '20

Thank you Mary!

25 Oct '20

I recommend the Bupa practise in Penge (176 stops outside)
They’re really superb and take NHS patients (we are both NHS)

25 Oct '20

Dentistry for you at FoHi came to my rescue this month - NHS