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8 Mar '20

Hi neighbours
Really sad to report that my house was burgled yesterday, some of the things taken include:
Jewellery, passports, purse macbook pro (mid 2015), and various holdalls (yep, they even helped their selves to our holdalls to cart away our goods in). If anyone sees or hears of anyone flogging stuff please let me know.

Crime reference- 3205825/02
Tel: 0208 284 5100

I am most upset about a pair of gold earrings which belonged to my Nan - they are gold dangle teardrop shape made up of a very intricate pattern. Below are more details of items taken along with some photos. I have included several photos of my nan’s earrings too .

Sorry for all the photos of my massive ears!

*Gold tear drop intricate earrings (photod)
*Navy Tommy Hillfiger purse (the photo is of a new one, mine is much more battered).
*Various cards in name of Laura Watts
*Passports x 2
*Spiderman USB
*Gold Laura Lee ‘L’ pendent
*Silver bracelet (v.delicate) with 3 good hoops
*Some gold wolf & badger hoops
*Silver Macbook Pro 15" mid-2015
*Navy and white striped bag (photod)
*Kansas city bag - khaki green canvas with tan leather handles
*Berghaus remote 28 backpack (photod)
*black holdall with wheels, two handle straps and a little green trim
*Silver Swarovski studs and pendants with dark blue stone (photo is of similar)
*Silver Monica vinader bangle with blue stones (photod)
*Sawovski crystal drop necklace & earrings
*Ted Baker rose gold and diamante stud
*Swarovski amber necklace and earrings
*Lots of other jewellery (some included in photos)
*orange & red silk jewellery wrap with Chinese pattern

A lot of the precious and semi-precious jewellery was in original boxes, a lot of costume jewellery in money bags.

I’d really appreciate anyone getting in touch with some leads. Thanks x

8 Mar '20

So sorry to hear that @wattsicle. Best of luck with the police investigation.

8 Mar '20

where do you live please so other neighbours can be warned.
Thank you
and so sorry to hear this hope they find the b*****ds

8 Mar '20

Very sorry to hear this @wattsicle - I hope you get some of your items back especially those with sentimental value. It’s a horrid thing to happen and I hope you are coping as best you can.

8 Mar '20

Thanks guys, I am actually a smidge out of se23 and in se6 but close to Perry vale. Please stay safe and keep your homes extra secure, these guys are brazen!

9 Mar '20

Sorry to hear this what area did this happen

10 Mar '20

That is so awful. It’s bad enough that they took so much stuff, but nothing can replace the sentimental items. Maybe enquire at cash converters in Lewisham.

27 Mar '20

These people are said to frequently come back once they’ve been in and know the set up of the place…they’ve probably been watching your place for a while to get to know your coming and going patterns… If you are anywhere near Sydenham, Park Road, I saw two guys go down the side of the house, not to the front door in the daytime one Tuesday about 4 weeks ago. They looked as if they were up to no good. The police know who the thieves are as criminals keep committing crime. Dont take any chances and be vigilant at all times.

27 Mar '20

Not a good idea to publish photos of yourself as it gives other criminals info about who you are and that you have things worth stealing…