Archived on 6/5/2022

Missing Cat - Very fluffy pepper and white tabby [Now Found]

9 Mar '20

Our beloved Ernie has been missing since Saturday morning. He has been quite sedentary recently so it’s very worrying for him to be out this long. It’s only happened before in the height of summer.

He’s full sized, very fluffy, with a big white chest like a dinner jacket. The rest of him is grey and black tabby.

We live on Cleeve Hill, near the top gate of the Horniman Gardens, and he roams around the streets close by; Westwood Park, Horniman Drive, and possibly down to Honor Oak Road. He may be trapped in a garage of shed so I’d be very grateful if you could check outside.

If you see him please call me, Andrew, on 07712598620.

10 Mar '20

1d ago there was mention of a cat got knock off in kirkdale

From syd person

10 Mar '20

I think you may be referring to this post: Cat run over on Westwood Hill

10 Mar '20

Hi Andrew,
It wasn’t your cat I saw on Saturday. The cat I saw had short hair, though also tabby (grey/brown).
I hope Ernie comes home soon.

11 Mar '20

We’ve found him - stuck in a neighbours garage. He is traumatised, but fine. What a relief.

11 Mar '20

What a relief - great to see a happy ending!