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Lewisham Covid 19 mutual aid group

13 Mar '20

Hi all

This Facebook group has been set up or Lewisham residents looking to help each other out during the Covid-19/corona virus pandemic, helping people access food, complete errands etc - particularly those who are elderly, disabled and/or immuno-compromised.

Within the group, people are self-organising Whatsapp groups by ward, to encourage local organising.

I thought this would be helpful both to those who can help out, and people who might need assistance.

Stay healthy all, wash those hands!


13 Mar '20

This is a great idea. Is there any way of getting involved for those who don’t have facebook?

13 Mar '20

Came here looking for something like this. Thanks!
13 Mar '20

Here’s the list of WhatsApp groups for the various wards of Lewisham:

Main Lewisham-wide group:

Forest Hill-focused local subgroups:

Sub-group WhatsApp group link
Netherby Road Chat covering Netherby road:
Cranston/Kilmorie/Elsinore Roads
Devonshire Road
Eliot Bank & Taymount Rise
Elsinore Road
Ewart Road Estate
Forest Croft
Forest Hill Pools Group
Hassocks Close
Honor Oak Road
Horniman Drive & Cleeve Hill
Kilmorie Road
Manor Mount and Waldenshaw roads
Montem Road
Paxton Road, Garlies Road, Perry Rise & Priestfield
Perry Vale, Westbourne Drive, Dacres Road
Queenswood, Holland Dr, De Frene Roads
Ringmore Rise/Liphook Crescent
Sunderland Road
Tewkesbury Avenue
Tyson Road and side-roads
Wood Vale
Woolstone Road, Perry Hill, Houston Road Triangle
Top of Sydenham Hill/ Kirkdale
Mayow Road North
Datchet Road & surrounding
Westwood Park
Hurstbourne road
Buckstone Close
Point 31
Canonbie Rd Contact Sonia:

:information_source: this is a wiki post that all members are able to edit and improve

14 Mar '20

Thank you!

14 Mar '20

Here is the link for the Perry Vale WhatsApp group.

14 Mar '20

Is there one for Honor Oak Park?

15 Mar '20

The Crofton Park one is actually also the Honor Oak Park one.
Could amend the above info please?

15 Mar '20

Done. The post by is actually a wiki topic so all members are able to edit it and help keep it up to date.

16 Mar '20

I hear some of the WhatsApp groups are now full at 256 members, so it is worth considering carefully which ones to join - particularly the Lewisham wide group seems more popular than WhatsApp allows.

17 Mar '20

@ForestHull Yes, and things are moving towards street-level WhatsApp groups where people can coordinate more easily (the Forest Hill group is far too busy).

I put together a shared, editable map of local groups that you can join if you’re in Forest Hill:


Just click on the group closest to you, and you’ll find the WhatsApp group link. The idea is that anyone else can edit this as time goes on. cc

17 Mar '20

Great initiative! How can I add the WhatsApp group for Grierson Road (South)? Thanks - David

17 Mar '20

Hit the link to see the live map ( and then use the “Edit” option on the resulting page. Once you have made changes, click the share button to ‘save’ them back.

Comparing with the static picture @Tom_Walker added, there’s already some new areas added.

18 Mar '20

Thank you this is just what I was looking for. We all need to pull together and help protect the most vulnerable in these challenging times! <3

19 Mar '20

Is there any way to copy the link?

20 Mar '20

@Stammers When you say ‘copy’, do you mean editing or expanding the existing map? Or literally just copying the link (

Either is fine :slightly_smiling_face:. Feel free to DM me if you want tips.

21 Mar '20

@Tom_Walker - I just noticed you’d animated the map, showing how much it has grown. Excellent work!

22 Mar '20

You’ll need to open links to the chat groups on your phone browser to get the WhatsApp link working. It doesn’t seem to want to open the WhatsApp Web Desktop client.

22 Mar '20

Seems to open it for me. The website asks me to open the Desktop client and then I have to do the QR thing and I am in. Chrome on Win 10.
Just joined my local group but it seems quiet… at the moment!

24 Mar '20

Lewisham Covid 19 Mutual Aid:

Blackheath COVID-19 Mutual Aid Group:

Brockley Ilovese4 Self-isolation assistance:

Brockley COVID support;

Devonshire Road SE23 Mutual Aid (Forest Hill):

Downham Covid-19 Mutual Aid:

Hither Green + Lee Ward Coronavirus Mutual Aid Group:

Telegraph Hill COVID Aid:

Sydenham Covid-19 Mutual Aid: /

25 Mar '20

I emailed The Resident - they only included the Devonshire Road group in Forest Hill, for some reason.

We just put together one page that anyone in Forest Hill who wants to help can visit to find their group:

It includes guidance on how to help people, while protecting vulnerable people and yourself. Hope it helps!

26 Mar '20

Lewisham Local, Lewisham Council, Voluntary Services Lewisham and AGE UK Lewisham & Southwark are co-ordinating a support offer for those isolated in the community through Coronavirus Covid-19.

26 Mar '20


27 Mar '20

Hi. Does anyone know if it’s possible to get whatsapp on an ipad without having a smartphone? I’d really love to get my mother-in-law on the family whatsapp group but she doesn’t have a smartphone.

I tried the link given, but you have to have whatsapp on your phone first to be able to get it on your computer.

Any techies please help!

28 Mar '20

@JusP You can get the app for an Ipad but I think you need a phone number to sign up.
However there are some alleged “hacks” to get it to work.

I have no idea if it works though

29 Mar '20

My son (22) has been working as a bike mechanic for a year. If anyone needs any bike servicing, let me know and I’ll be happy to drag him off Counterstrike for an hour.

The shop would normally charge £50 for a basic service: I would say if you’re a ‘key worker’, then I will get him to do the labour for free. If you need/have parts please try to supply them. We actually have a limited number of inner tubes in stock if you can’t get them anywhere.

Please just DM me if you need something and I will try to sort if out. Anyone not in ‘key worker’ category, he’s worked on properly expensive road bikes, can tune up gears, replace parts, whatever. I’m sure he’ll give you a good deal, maybe even in exchange for beer. We don’t need toilet paper. I have 4 rolls.

We have a back gate near FH Sainsbury’s for you to drop the bike off without getting close to anyone. He doesn’t want to take business from other bike stores nearby, but they seem to be extremely busy at the moment, so I’ve suggested he should try to help out where he can.

29 Mar '20

Thanks Nick :slight_smile: