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Free yoga session Blythe Hill Fields - Friday 20th

20 Mar '20

Hello Forest Hill residents!

I am a part-time yoga instructor based in Forest Hill. In these crazy times we might all benefit from the positive energy and clarity that practicing yoga can bring to us. I have decided I would like to begin providing free community yoga sessions in an outside setting.

The weather is good for today so I would like to schedule the yoga session this afternoon at 5pm in Blythe Hill Fields. Please look for the orange yoga mat which I will hold up a bit like a flag. You will need to bring your own yoga mat and please remember all participants will need to maintain a distance of two to three meters between fellow participants. Looking forward to guiding us all through a joyful and energising yoga practice!

If you are unable to make it today I will hopefully be able to provide another practice tomorrow, Saturday.

Namaste! - Ellie

20 Mar '20

This was great! Thank you Ellie :pray:t2:

20 Mar '20

Thank you all for joining me for yoga on Blythe Hill Fields today! It was lovely to share an energising and joyful practice. Looking forward to doing this again tomorrow, Saturday, 5pm at the highest point in Blyth Hill Fields. I’ll be holding up my orange yoga mat. Namaste! - Ellie

19 May '20

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