Archived on 6/5/2022

Message from Lewisham Mayor regarding coronavirus
20 Mar '20

Dear resident,

The national and global picture on coronavirus is changing daily. The situation we face is unprecedented: in scale, speed and depth of impact.

Lewisham Council is working hard to keep our most critical services running.

Changes to services

We’re working extremely hard to do our best for our residents and local businesses. My number one priority is ensuring we support the most vulnerable in our community. To do this, we will need to divert many staff into frontline services. This means you’re likely to see some changes to our services in the coming weeks and months. For the very latest information on all of our services, please visit

Community response

Thank you to everyone who is getting involved with the community response to coronavirus – the overwhelming response really shows our borough at its best and makes me proud to live in Lewisham. The Council is working with Lewisham Local, Age UK and Voluntary Services Lewisham and all of our local partners in the community to coordinate our response so that we can help the most vulnerable in our communities. If you need support or are looking to get involved, go to

Be alert to scamming

We have heard reports from the police that some individuals may be taking advantage of vulnerable residents by posing as door-to-door coronavirus testers in order to gain access to their properties. Nobody - and specifically neither the NHS nor the police – is conducting such tests at this time. If anyone knocks on your door, claiming to be conducting coronavirus tests, please do not let them in and call the police on 999.

Contacting the Council about coronavirus

I want to make sure the Council can answer questions from residents about our response to coronavirus. If you have a question, please email

There is no doubt there will be tough times ahead, but I have seen how our community comes together and looks after one another, and I know we’ll be able to get through these challenges.

Thank you for everything you are doing to keep yourselves, your families, your friends and our community safe.

In solidarity,

Damien Egan

Mayor of Lewisham