Archived on 6/5/2022

Invitation to a free group guitar lesson on Zoom

25 Mar '20


Hi, I invite you to join me on 28th March Saturday at 11am on Zoom for a free 30min guitar lesson. I will teach you how to play ‘Come Together’ by The Beatles. Even if you are a beginner, you can definitely learn it, it’s a very simple song! After the lesson I will send you music sheet (with tabs if you can’t read music) that you could practise by yourself and nail it :slight_smile:
The lesson is totally free and everyone is welcome. I guess a lot of people might feel quite lonely during this time and music is a great way to lift our spirits - so let’s come together :slight_smile:
Use this link on the day of the lesson to join the meeting - We can have up to 100 people. And please don’t be late - 30min is not that much and I will not be able to explain things again for someone who is late.
We will not have time to tune guitars so please do that before the lesson with your tuner if you have one. You can also use an app, I recommend Fender Tune App which is free. Do your best, if it’s not perfectly in tune, that’s not the end of the world :slight_smile:
I will be playing with a pick (plectrum) so if you have one that’s great. If you don’t, you can look up for some alternatives or just use your fingers.
If it goes well, I’m happy to do this regularly and maybe could do some ukulele lessons like that as well (keep an eye on my insta )
You can find some feedback from my students here
I also teach individually online, if you are interested in that, drop me an email
I have never done lessons on Zoom for very large groups and I hope everything goes well and my wifi will not let me down :slight_smile:
Share it or tag people who might be interested!
See you on Saturday x