Archived on 6/5/2022


1 Apr '20

Isn’t it a relief to have no planes and so few cars? And the air much fresher. I do recommend that you all take advantage of the birdsong. A big downside though is that the few cars on the road do drive even faster, showing that idiots will sadly, always exist.

1 Apr '20

Agree. I had a lovely walk last night nearly ruined by a couple of cars treating Sydenham Hill as a race track. Luckily I am fairly young and fit so managed to jump out of the way.

1 Apr '20

Yeah I think the south circular is a race track now and some of the drivers on the road are the road rage kind. Had a driver try and run me over for daring to tell him what I thought of him when he was speeding in a 20 with his two young kids in the back.

However some of the roads are a delight.