Archived on 6/5/2022

Laundry service desperately needed

3 Apr '20

Hi all

My organisation (Look Ahead) is running a COVID Protect hostel in Croydon for 150 rough sleepers in partnership with the GLA. Our clients are from all over London but are in the Protect group so people with severe health conditions. We will be looking after 100-150 people.

Our biggest problem right now is laundry. We have a service for sheets and towels but nothing for people’s clothing.

Any bright ideas about local laundries that might be willing to open up for a good rate to manage a lot of bags of personal clothing? Not that fussed about location, much more fussed that we can help people keep clean. If you know anyone who could assist please please let me know. We can offer attractive GLA contract rates. And very keen to get this in place.

3 Apr '20

You could try reaching out to the online laundry services? There’s laundryheap and laundryapp off the top of my head.

3 Apr '20

We use who are still working. They now also deliver food boxes of essential items. They’ve always seemed civic minded so perhaps worth a try.