Archived on 6/5/2022

Lets hear it for the Bin Men and Roadsweepers

5 Apr '20

I just thought I’d start an appreciation thread for our Rubbish collection teams and Roadsweepers.
In these most difficult of times our Rubbish and Recycling has been collected as normal
And I’ve seen road sweepers on the pavements sweeping up discarded masks and tissues.
I really think we should start an appreciation thread and perhaps in addition to the rainbows in our windows put notes on our bins thanking them.

5 Apr '20


And a sad note from last week’s SydSoc enewsletter.

With condolences to Paul’s family, friends and colleagues.

5 Apr '20

What sad news about Paul. These folk all do a brilliant job. A friend who lives in Sheffield says people have been putting hearts and thank you messages on their bins. I was planning to have something ready for Wednesday morning.

5 Apr '20

That’s a lovely and thoughtful suggestion - I’m all for it!

Such a shame about the poor road sweeper though.