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For Sale: Double storage bed frame / Mattress / Corner sofa with sofa bed

7 Apr '20

Due to a house move, I’m selling some furniture, all in good shape but there’s not enough space for them where I’m moving.

I’m open to offers on these either individually or all at once, but they will need to be collected (I don’t drive) in the next couple of weeks.

Double bed frame
Edgemont Ottoman Wooden Bed Frame from Benson for Beds
A double ottoman (hydraulic storage) bed frame. Less than a year old.
See link for details/dimensions

This will be disassembled but it’s not light, most pieces are solid oak.

Double mattress
A medium-firm double mattress with memory foam layer. Less than a year old. Only ever used with a mattress protector. Bedding can be included if necessary but really it’s the mattress that takes up the space.

Corner sofa with sofa bed
A custom-built corner sofa from
This is a couple of years old and is still really comfortable.
The long side covers a double sofa bed which folds out simply.

This will be disassembled and slots together firmly with no screws, but it’s not light.

6 Jun '20

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