Archived on 6/5/2022

Local Pubs open..?

13 Jun '20

Does anyone know if any local pubs are doing take outs? I noticed that the Railway Tavern was. It’d be good to support the pubs before this lockdown puts everyone out of business.

13 Jun '20

Chandos. Or if you want just booze Clapton Craft is open now.

13 Jun '20

The Ivy House in Nunhead is doing take out and some delivery.

14 Jun '20

London Beer Dispensary is open in Crofton Park - good selection of draft and cans.

14 Jun '20

Skehan’s down by Telegraph Hill is doing takeaway pints, snacks and - importantly - Pimm’s.

14 Jun '20

Also the Orchard is now newly open for takeaway (and delivery) and beers and cocktails are on the menu. (Can you tell what I’ve been doing today?! :joy: )


16 Jun '20

Today’s CAMRA members enewsletter has a link to a list of pubs across London doing takeaways.

Over 500 pubs across London are now offering takeaway or delivery services. Most have some kind of food menu but others are serving pints to be consumed off the premises.

London CAMRA Branches have been updating WhatPub with these additional services. They can now be viewed as a map or a list by Branch. If you think we have missed one or the information is wrong please do let us know by replying to this email.

Here’s what came up when I typed in SE23:[]=AdditionalServices&t=ft&p=1&home=1