Archived on 6/5/2022

Waters becoming Italian deli? [Probably Not]

30 Jun '20

Continuing the discussion from Seeking Waters shop unit owner:

Based on the property owners and prior rumour, I’m going to wildly add further speculation by guessing/hoping it’s going to be one of these:

30 Jun '20

This would be amazing, and yes definitely looks like it is them based on the applicant details for the planning permission! I wonder whether they plan on selling the rear portion of the site with PP for a house in order to fund the shop…

30 Jun '20

I was always sad when Il Mirto finally left. And would be thrilled for a good Italian deli to return to Forest Hill.

But this is also a good time to remind that La Querce Daily in HOP is selling a range of Italian and Sardinian treats. As does Aga’s Little Deli on Dartmouth Road offer Italian and Spanish items. I’ve been grateful to both local businesses as they have continued to supply our area during the lock down.

17 Oct '20

I think plans for this property may have moved on.

A planning application (DC/20/117987) was refused on October 9th, and ‘The Corner Shop (Perry Vale) Limited’ has renamed itself to the less exciting ‘Corner Shop (Property Projects) Limited’ back in September and “To Let” signs have gone up.

@cochrane_cooks - I’m not sure if you are still looking, but perhaps it’s more of an opportunity for rental now?