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Help us rebuild the Peckham Lido!

22 May '16

Hi neighbours in SE23!

In 1987 the Peckham Lido was demolished, as were so many others across the UK.

A group of locals now want to rebuild the lido on the same site, the northern end of the Rye.

This is a community led project with local MP Harriet Harman’s support. Southwark Council have also offered in principle support too.

Now it’s down to us to raise initial funds to develop the design with the community. We’ve chosen architects Studio Octopi (founders of Thames Baths, a floating lido for the Thames) to help us prepare a pack of information that will get us funding to submit for planning and build this beautiful new lido.

If you’re a swimmer, missing a heated outdoor lido (like London Fields) please do consider pledging via or sharing amongst friends who do swim.

If you’re a fan of actor James Norton then you might want to look at our Facebook or Twitter pages…!

Thanks SE23.

Peckham Lido team.

22 May '16

Thanks for joining and posting! On this site we are selective about cause / charity promotions, but the @admins agreed that the Peckham Lido project would interest our membership here in SE23.

The history of this site is fascinating, and the new designs look excellent:

With a shortcut through Camberwell New Cemetary, Peckham Rye Park is just a short walk away from Honor Oak Park station, and it would be amazing to have a lido within walking distance. Best of luck with the project.

23 May '16

I had never really considered London as an outdoor swimming sort of place (I grew up in warmer climes), but this thread made me think about it. Now of course I see mentions of these pools everywhere (like this one) - maybe there is something to it … but not on a day like today

23 May '16

The lido sure used to be a surprise to plunge into on a hot summers day, and had a great atmosphere. Would be good to see something this local again.

23 May '16

I used to live near Hampstead and the Parliament Hill Lido was amazing after a hot summers day in the City. I organised group outings there on a regular basis on workday evenings (we had a Facebook group).

The water was warm because they built the pool using a special metallic layer that conducted the sun’s heat into the water (although it looks very reflective… I have no idea how it worked!)

23 May '16

The Peckham Lido is planned to be heated.

25 Jul '16

Peckham Lido has cleared it’s crowdfunding target with over 1,100 backers

18 Aug '16

11 Apr '17

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I don’t know how many of you heard about this last year during its crowdfunded campaign but there is a group looking to reinstate/recreate the Lido that used to be in Peckham Rye Park.

There is some information and a website here >>

And a questionnaire if anyone is interested in giving feedback.

I think it sounds like a great idea and a really great addition to the area.
What does anyone else think about the idea?

11 Apr '17

A great idea if it can be made to work. I think if it could be heated it would be great as it would be an all year attraction - if not then it is going to be pretty empty for a large part of the year…

23 Jul '19

Phew, could we do with the Peckham Lido, right now.

23 Jul '19

We must have it built!

I probably wouldn’t go, but at least all the men who think it’s fine to walk the streets topless when the weather gets warm would head down and out of my sight.

23 Jul '19

Excuse me! I went topless today.

In my garden :grin:

23 Jul '19

But you weren’t walking the streets!

23 Jul '19

Well no, it’s harvest time, far too many thunderbugs and tractors.

23 Jul '19

I emailed the guy recently to ask what was going on as it seemed to have stalled. He said it was still too just the feasibility study was taking much longer than expected. He is hoping to have something to say soon though.

28 Apr '21

Looks like this has moved on a bit, from the FB page:

Back in 2016 we had a gem of an idea to rebuild the old Peckham Lido on Peckham Rye Common and through the support of thousands of local people in a Spacehive Mayor of London crowdfunding campaign we raised the money to do a feasibility study into the work.

We’re really excited to announce that the feasibility study for Peckham Rye Lido is now complete. The good news is that the study has concluded that the project is feasible! The Peckham Lido CIC remains very positive about the potential of a lido on Peckham Rye.

As part of the feasibility study we spoke with lidos around London and the country, leisure operator experts, business planners, planners, architects and more to examine the viability of a swimming pool on this site. We also held online and public consultations which showed 80% of people who responded support the idea.

A lido on this site is a financially viable facility that wouldn’t require funding from the council to operate.

There remains some uncertainty about the use of the old lido site. We are eagerly awaiting a response from Southwark Council to confirm if they support the use of the old site.

Many thanks to everyone for your contributions to the crowdfunding campaign and your continued support in bringing outdoor swimming to Peckham.

View the feasibility study here:…/5765%20PL%20Feasibility…

FB Page

I would love this to happen!