Archived on 6/5/2022

Best Thai Takeaway / Delivery in SE23 / SE26

24 Jul '20

I have been looking on the forum but most recent recommendations are from 2017. Which is (or are) the best Thai or pan asian takeaways in the hood? Thanks :smile:

24 Jul '20

Matoom is our go-to Thai - in FH opposite the Sainsbury’s. V good food, never had an issue with delivery times/ order accuracy etc.

For Chinese, we love the Fortune Inn. Little gem of a takeaway.

And Gurkha Restaurant in Sydenham has now overtaken Babur for our preferred curry option (although Babur still v good).

It’s all personal taste of course, but hope the above is useful!

24 Jul '20

Matoom. Small family business, lovely food, we look no further. Also agree, Fortune is our go to Chinese.

24 Jul '20

Got to be Matoom

24 Jul '20

Matoom is good, very good. The lamb massaman curry is excellent. I have a had a great meal in Big Cheeks too but was slightly disappointed with the delivery meal we had.

25 Jul '20

Matoom by a mile. Gurkha’s for Indian. Still haven’t found a good Chinese takeaway.

25 Jul '20

I’ve found Fortune Inn and EE House (hygiene rating 3) are the best for chinese.

But Fortune Inn shut for pretty much the entirety of lockdown which meant experiencing some very bad (and price-inflated) alternative Chinese takeaways.

25 Jul '20

Fortune Inn has now opened and we had it last night. Didn’t disappoint.

During lockdown we also had a great Vietnamese from Catford - Saigon Foods. If you’re quite snobby about Asian takeaways this one is really authentic.

25 Jul '20

Matoom 100% the best
lovely people run it too

25 Jul '20

Best Chinese is Fortune Inn.

Don’t know where in SE23 you are located but we can get Bento on Deliveroo from Lee which is excellent and is the only, as you say, “pan-Asian” restaurant around here. Does great Japanese donburi dishes and starters (does sushi too but haven’t tried it), plus Thai and Chinese. Excellent place if your household can’t decide as you can mix and match cuisines.

26 Jul '20

Thanks all…great stuff, one place we tried before lock down is Saigon Cafe on Kirkdale Se26 which was really lovely Vietnamese food, they doing deliveroo now I think.

27 Jul '20

Big Cheeks on Davis Road is the best thai and I think better than Matoom! They are lovely in there and every meal I’ve ordered has been amazing.

27 Jul '20

Big fans of Big Cheeks here as well. We have had takeaway from Matoom once, and takeaway from Big Cheeks a few times, and definitely preferred the latter. Though we’ve not had Matoom for quite a while so I don’t doubt what those above have said about it.

27 Aug '20

We went to Big Cheeks last night. As it was a EOTHO day we treated ourselves to Weeping Tiger (spicy sirloin steak) . It was lovely as was all the other food. Service was good and prompt, despite the fact they were really really busy.

27 Aug '20

Second that - same day, same reason, same food and same opinion :slight_smile:

27 Aug '20

I enjoyed big cheeks but I have to say the portions I got were pretty small / hunt the chicken.