Archived on 6/5/2022

Drug users outside Rivoli

10 Aug '20

I notice a few times on the weekend a few druggies hanging around Crofton Park area. On passing the first time there may of been 2 men but I didn’t really look I was trying to social distance at the time. Then in way back the group of men was gathering on steps of The Rivoli Ballroom.
They was talking quite openly about what kind of drugs they do or how they prefer it I was shocked.
But when I came back the two I passed was sitting with a few more men on steps of the Rivoli doing something with the foil acting rather old and un natural.
I really didn’t want to stare or draw attention so I continued walking on… yes I jogged on and butter out. Never seen them or this before so openly they had a couple of Boris bikes just laying all over the place. I know a few people must of also seen this and I say it now because you think about it after. It just looks tacky and brings the area down a tad not a good vibe. Surely there is CCTV in area to pick this up in more detail to clarify perhaps??. Whatever they do behind closed doors is there choice but gathering publicly like that is concerning.
I care about my community and enjoy seeing being happy and relaxed. Please stay safe, aware and alert To such behaviours. Sorry to be a Debbie Downer no offence to any good Debbies out there but the way.

10 Aug '20

There has been a drug problem in Crofton Park for a while.
I am a volunteer for Crofton Park library & we have been broken into a couple of times, had laptops taken, but no money is left in the tills fortunately. The security in the grounds of the library has had to be tightened up as well.
PC Kate caught the last offender.
The library does now have CCTV for when they open again.

10 Aug '20

Shocking to hear this like I was when I saw this odd behaviour the weekend. Mind you this week has been that Indeed!!