Archived on 6/5/2022

Stammer Barbers

10 Aug '20

Went past the old stammer barbers on Waldram park road today and noticed it’s been renovated. Anyone have any ideas what’s replacing it?
Hopefully not being turned into another badly made flat like the monstrosity next door or the ones further around the corner. Not exactly in keeping with a building of that age.

11 Aug '20

The flats further around the corner are getting renovated at the moment, with the facades at the front getting replaced.

Not completely sold on the new flats that Elachi was converted into, the lack of windows and Elachi branded panels will be interesting additions for the new owners I’m sure!

11 Aug '20

haha yeah i noticed that… no wonder they are still empty. Actually I heard they’re asking a silly amount for rent for that space.

That’s great news they’re improving those facades, hopefully brick and not UpVC fronting again.

12 Dec '20

Three shops that used to be in the Waldram bit of the parade are changing/have changed their use.

#55 was Stamma, the owners have put in application changed to residential, likely to be a cheap job looking at the application
#57 was an upmarket Mattress shop, previously a solicitors, now converting to residential and it’s looks quite neat
#59 was previously Global services, was run down for years, it looks like they’ve recently finished converting to residential
#61 was an estate agents, now an empty shop unit. Application went in 2016/17 to change to residential but was refused (compared to this pic from 2009)

This is what red routes do to a shopping parade…

12 Dec '20

How 59 got planning permission for that new frontage I have no idea. Ugly as hell and one strip window for the basement studio. Prison cells have more natural light.

61 with the “interesting” frontage I’ve heard the guy is sitting on the shop waiting for the council to get bored so they can build cheap flats. Same thing is happening with the old Indian takeaway. The red route obviously doesn’t help but greedy developers and the way business rates are calculator are the nail in the coffin.